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[movies]Bill O-Reilly And Dennis Miller On June 7, 2014 University Of Minnesota Minneapolis - renegadeviking
Bill ORielly And Dennis Miller On June 6, 2014 University Of Minnesota Minneapolis
Keywords: Bill O-Reilly; Dennis Miller
Downloads: 10
[audio]Not Viewable - Adrian Vance
Bill O'Reilly is the most popular man on cable/satellite TV, but we feel his material is poorly prepared, he bullies guests who embarrassingly bow to him as they want to be invited back. He exercises his power abusively saying he wants to maintain the quality of the program, but that word means ego in the O'Reillg reality. We feel he is not viewable.
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly; ego; arrogance; professionalism; snark
Downloads: 6
[audio]Legalized Theft - Sly in the Morning
Bill O'Reilly accused Paul Krugman, columnist for the NY Times, and former Governor Howard Dean of being radical leftists who were proposing a Government takeover of the healthcare system as a means of redistributing wealth. I say Billo is absolutely right, we do need to redistribute if not wealth at least health.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Bill O'Reilly; Madison 1670 WTDY
Downloads: 10
[audio]Turn Off Fox TV - Robert C Reynolds
A song protesting the bias and irresponsibilty of the FOX News network.
Keywords: FOX News; bias; Glenn Beck; Bill O'Reilly
Downloads: 25
[audio]New World Notes 302 - Dispatches from the War on Christmas - Kenneth Dowst
30-minute radio program for December 17, 2013. A mostly lighthearted look at the Right Wing's favorite seasonal fantasy. Which is: that "secular progressives" have declared a "war on Christmas"--part of their larger war to destroy Christianity, promote drug use and gay marriage, separate Church and State, and so on. This installment offers some ravings by Bill O'Reilly, a funny rebuttal by Jon Stewart, some personal reflections by KD, and a short history lesson (the only real wars on Christmas w...
Keywords: Christmas; war on Christmas; Bill O'Reilly; religion
Downloads: 154
[audio]Bill O'Reilly Actually Right - Sly in the Morning
Bill O'Reilly accused Paul Krugman, columnist for the NY Times, and former Governor Howard Dean of being radical leftists who were proposing a Government takeover of the healthcare system as a means of redistributing wealth. I say Billo is absolutely right, we do need to redistribute if not wealth at least health.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Madison 1670 WTDY; Bill O'Reilly
Downloads: 22
[audio]I Have Two Words For You Predator Drones ( You Think I'm Joking) - thatjeffcarter
Discussion of President Obama's Drone policy.  with noise and music
Keywords: Obama; Bill O'Reilly; Predator Drones; Missiles; War
Downloads: 55
[movies]Bill O'Reilly - Marijuana - It's Just a Plant! -- Cheryl Shuman - Cheryl Shuman
Bill O'Reilly Marijuana - It's Just a Plant! Cheryl Shuman
Keywords: bill o'reilly; marijuana; medical; it's just a plant; cheryl shuman; cannabis
Downloads: 170
[movies]Funny or Die Video 8d0df7680d: Obscenely Funny Ads - Funny or Die
Bill O'reilly takes a look at the lengths internet company's are going to in order to get people's attention.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Bill O'Reilly; Bill OReilly; Michael Burke; advertising; funny; obscene; omeletto
Downloads: 10
[audio]The Snark-Gap Transmission, Show #0034 - March 2, 2009 - Steve Shives
This week on the podcast: -Cold weather is griped about. -Sexy cartoon characters are discussed. -A talking penis opines on CPAC. -Two shitty poems and one good poem are recited. C'mon . . . you know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it.
Keywords: podcast; snark-gap transmission; bill o'reilly; cpac; poetry; john ashberry; james merrill; charles bukowski; cartoons
Downloads: 15
[audio]Europhic Recall - Sly in the Morning
Bill O'Reilly is all upset about Brad Pitt not unequivocally condemning past marijuana use. What do you tell your kids about your glory days?
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Madison 1670 WTDY; Marijuana; ganja; Brad Pitt; Bill O'Reilly; europhic recall
Downloads: 25
[audio]Bill O'Reilly's Foxy Soul Train
Bill O'Reilly's Foxy Soul Train
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly's Foxy Soul Trainsly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 63
[audio]HearYourselfThink on the Air! Feb. 7th - www.HearYourselfThink.org
From Bill O'Reilly's conspiracy-soaked Super Bowl pre-game interview with President Obama to “Obama derangement” flamer insanity on display at an Oklahoma town hall, it's been a big and busy week in right-wing media crazy talk. Later, how the media followed Fox News' lead in getting the latest CBO numbers on Obamacare completely wrong. www.hearyourselfthink.org
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly; Super Bowl; President Obama; Benghazi; IRS; Obamacare; CBO
Downloads: 1
[audio]Legalized Theft Rampant - Sly in the Morning
Bill O'Reilly accused Paul Krugman, columnist for the NY Times, and former Governor Howard Dean of being radical leftists who were proposing a Government takeover of the healthcare system as a means of redistributing wealth. I say Billo is absolutely right, we do need to redistribute if not wealth at least health.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Madison 1670 WTDY; Bill O'Reilly; health care
Downloads: 10
[audio]9/11 Free Fall 9/20/12: The dying “mainstream” media and the pundits who attack 9/11 Truth - 9/11 Free Fall
The dying “mainstream” media and the punditswho attack 9/11 TruthIn this special hour and a half long episode of 9/11 Free Fall Bernie and Andy talk about the dying “mainstream” media and the pundits who attack 9/11 Truth without any basis for their arguments, usually through lies, insults, and fear mongering. The attempts of these pundits to label and alienate people who question the government’s story of 9/11 (and those who may associate with them) as being part of an undesirable and...
Keywords: Media 9/11 Truth; Bill O'Reilly; Piers Morgan; Glenn Beck; Debra Medina; Sean Hannity; propaganda
Downloads: 9
[audio]Seventh Episode - Mateen Manek
The Seventh Episode of the Mateen Manek Show. Includes a special tribute to a close friend, and a short selection from an upcoming short story I'm writing titled Cinderella (cont.)
Keywords: Cinderella; Vishal; 10 Things; hate; Mateen; Manek; Goal; Continued; iPhone 6; Bill O'Reilly; Blackberry
Downloads: 37
[audio]The Snark-Gap Transmission, Show #0032 - February 16, 2009 - Steve Shives
This week on the podcast: Presidents Day is not discussed. Memorial decals on cars are hamfistedly tied to crediting God for saving people in plane crashes, and harmony is attempted. The lack of eccentric writers in the present generation is lamented. Steve and McAsherson are visited by an irate penis.
Keywords: podcast; snark-gap transmission; writers; presidents day; mount rushmore; bill o'reilly
Downloads: 16
[audio]The BAZOOKALUCA Podcast 04 - Luca Eandi
On the fourth episode, Luca plays some new music releases, thinks you should own Chris Whitley's "Din of Ecstasy", and tells Bill O'Reilly to find himself another country to be part of.
Keywords: Bazookaluca; podcast; music; Radiohead; Chris Whitley; Bill O'Reilly; Din Of Ecstasy; PJ Harvey
Downloads: 100
[movies]Juston Western Mentioned On Fox News O'Reilly Factor
e-mail EXTRA segment on the O'Reilly Factor in response to Miss Teen USA 1998 Vanessa Minillo's assertion that teenagers don't care about the Lewinsky scandal surrounding President Bill Clinton. Juston Western was one of several teenagers to write in to Fox News to dispute that claim.
Keywords: Fox News; O'Reilly Factor; Bill O'Reilly; Bill Clinton; Monica Lewinsky; Vanessa Minillo; Juston Western
Downloads: 334
[movies]The war on Christmas Trees - subMedia.tv
This week:1. Aldeia resiste the world cock2. The War on Christmas Trees3. NYE Noise Demos4. Rote Flora Defense5. 20 years of Zapatistas6. RATM - People of the Sun7. Anarchists come out of the closet
Keywords: christmas trees; bill o'reilly; anarchists; mexico; brazil; greece; zapatistas; rote flore
Downloads: 6,777
[movies]The War on Christmas Trees - subMedia.tv
This week: 1. Aldeia resiste the world cock 2. The War on Christmas Trees 3. NYE Noise Demos 4. Rote Flora Defense 5. 20 years of Zapatistas 6. RATM - People of the Sun 7. Anarchists come out of the closet
Keywords: christmas trees; bill o'reilly; anarchists; mexico; brazil; greece; zapatistas; rote flore
Downloads: 1,815
[audio]James T. Harris - Sly in the Morning
James T. Harris and I discuss the verbal sparing that took place on the Bill O'Reilly show last night.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Bill O'Reilly; Capitol; protests; union; Walker; James T. Harris; Fox; 1670 WTDY
Downloads: 92
[movies]Blogs4Borders! 060208 - MJ & Jake Jacobsen
Our weekly vlog -- podcast on illegal immigration and border security related issues. In this weeks edition... Fisking Media Matters! 100% Preventable! Americans continue to pay the bloody price for open borders, when will the madness end? And you've been deputized!
Keywords: illegal immigration vlog podcast open borders media matters propoganda lou dobbs bill o'reilly glen beck myth
Downloads: 325
[audio]Bill O'Reilly Living Reefer Madness
Bill O'Reilly Living Reefer Madness
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly Living Reefer Madness; sly in the morning; 1670; 106.7; am; fm; wtdy; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 16
[audio]Radio Dead Air Crosswire for 11/10/08 - Nash
After Obama's win, Hulk takes the news hard . . . www.radiodeadair.com
Keywords: RDA; Radio Dead Air; Crosswire; Hulk; Stephen Hawking; Howard Cosell; Bubba the Hutt; Iron Man; Bill O'Reilly; Obama
Downloads: 185
[audio]Bill O'Reilly - American Tradition
Bill O'Reilly - American Tradition
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly - American Tradition; sly in the morning; 106.7; fm; 1670; am; wtdy; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 192
[movies]Liberty News TV--Episode 35--July 2008
Beware false idols! That goes not just for television spin but for politicians. Senator Barack Obama talks a good talk, but so far his record on war, banks, and other issues looks a lot like the hawkish and dangerous John McCain. Get ready, as we sharpen up the sabers and fine tune the satirical chainsaw. It's time to unravel the lies of the media lapdogs, and fight for the soul of democracy.
Keywords: political satire; news; documentary; short film; Barack Obama; John McCain; Bill O'Reilly; activist; progressive; alternative media
Downloads: 203
[audio]Johannes Kliptonshlift Does it Live
Back in the 1990's, Johannes Kliptonshlift had a foreign affairs-themed show on cable called, "Johannes on Deck", in which he debated elderly and pre-adolescent Ventura citizens on obscure topics of international interest. In this sound clip from 1995, a clip that ended Johannes' television career, we hear a frustrated Johannes dealing with a malfunction in his teleprompter. He decides ultimately to forgo reading the teleprompter and improvises an ending to his show.
Keywords: Bertrude Parsleypants; Johannes Kliptonshlift; Bill O'Reilly; Do It Live; Teleprompter; Problems; Television; Foreign Affairs; Hulk Hogan
Downloads: 39
[audio]National Anthem Rules - Sly in the Morning
Bill O'Reilly ripped into actor Sean Penn for not putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem at the White House Correspondence dinner. O'Reilly said Penn clearly has an anti-American chip on his shoulder and this is proof. I was unaware of this rule, what exactly is proper etiquette for the national anthem?
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; 1670 WTDY; Bill O'Reilly; Madison; Wisconsin; White House Correspondence; dinner; Sean Penn; rules
Downloads: 104
[audio]The Tom Gulley Show-12/11/12 TGS LIVE! Celebrity Meltdowns - Tom Gulley
The only thing we love more than celebrities are their rants and meltdowns. So, this episode documents some of the best of all time--including Jack Palance, Christian Bale, Matt Damon, Kasey Kasem, Orson Welles, and of course, Bobby Knight.
Keywords: The Tom Gulley Show; Jack Palance; Christian Bale; Matt Damon; Michael Cera; Bill O'Reilly; Bobby Knight; Orson Welles
Downloads: 58
[audio]Personally Speaking Program 370 - Lisa Jandovitz
In this episode of Personally Speaking Msgr. Jim Lisante is joined by Bill O'Reilly, anchor of The Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor. Bill speaks about his best-selling book, "Killing Jesus", his Catholic faith, and passing that faith on to his children. Then later on in the show, Msgr. Lisante is joined by the Emmy Award winning actress Susan Lucci best known for her role as Erica Kane on the ABC Daytime Drama All My Children...
Keywords: USCCB; Personally Speaking; Msgr. Jim Lisante; Bill O'Reilly; Susan Lucci; Killing Jesus; All My Children; Catholic faith
Downloads: 34
[movies]Bill O'Reilly vs. Criminals Gone Wild - FD Entertainment
"Criminals Gone Wild" creator Ousala Aleem visits FoxNews & The O'Reilly Factor to discuss his new movie.
Keywords: bill o'reilly; bill; o'reilly; oreilly; orielly; foxnews; fox; factor; criminals gone wild; criminals; gone; wild; ousala; aleem
Downloads: 15,247
[movies]Blogs4Borders! 060208 - MJ & Jake Jacobsen
Our weekly vlog -- podcast on illegal immigration and border security issues. In this weeks edition... Fisking Media Matters 100% Preventable! You've been deputized!
Keywords: illegal immigration vlog podcast open borders media matters propoganda lou dobbs bill o'reilly glen beck myth deportation amnesty progressive assertion paul waldman george soros
Downloads: 41
[audio]Bill O'Reilly - Not Gonna Take It Anymore
Bill O'Reilly - Not Gonna Take It Anymore
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly - Not Gonna Take It Anymore; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wi; bill; o'reilly; blabbering; shitface
Downloads: 15
[audio]Bill O'Reilly Blames Asians - 11-16-12
Bill O'Reilly Blames Asians - 11-16-12
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly Blames Asians - 11-16-12; sly in the morning; 106.7; fm; 1670; am; wtdy; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 241
[audio]Talk 360 - Episode 11 - Talk360
Keesa and Djevna realize kids don’t need BB guns when they can play with real ones in AZ and Floyd Mayweather may want to donate all his coins to the Reading Rainbow fund. In this week’s 360 topic, “Kill Bill: The White Privilege Edition” (24:00), they’re debunking Bill O'Reilly's claim that "white privilege" is a myth in America.
Keywords: talk; podcast; Gabrielle Union; Dwyane Wade; Joan Rivers; iCloud; VMAs; Emmys; BET; Karrueche; Floyd Mayweather; 50 cent; ISIS; Bill O'Reilly; White Privilege
Downloads: 33
[movies]Funny or Die Video 107b918e82: The Falafel Factor - Funny or Die
From The Soup - Bill O'Reilly questions Miss New Jersey.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Bill O'Reilly; Bill OReilly; Joel McHale; Miss New Jersey; New Jersey; The Soup; factor; falafel
Downloads: 12
[movies]Ron Paul occupies the Danielle and Ciro Show - DanielleAndCiroShow
Danielle and Ciro discuss important issues...but we keep it pretty light so go easy on us.cc
Keywords: ows; Danielle and Ciro Show; Ron Paul; Bill O'reilly; OWS; Occupy Wall street; End the Fed; Ron; Jeremy; Occupy; Wall; street; crazy; cute; dog
Downloads: 6
[movies]Funny or Die Video f90c348f60: Rap Battles: Darth Vader vs Bill O'Reilly - Funny or Die
DJ Darth Vader and the Notorious B.I.L.L. O'Reilly go head-to-head in a battle of rhymes.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Battle of; Bill O'Reilly; Darth Vader; Fox News; Sam Riegel; Star Wars; The Notorious; politics; rap battles
Downloads: 7
[audio]Marvin Kitman - Westbury NY - Jan 18, 2007 - Marvin Kitman
A talk by Marvin Kitman about his book "The Man Who Would Not Shut Up" The Rise of Bill O"Reilly at Borders Books in Westbury NY on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007
Keywords: Marvin; Kitman; kitman; Bill O'Reilly; O'Rielly; The Man Who Would Not Shut Up; the man who would not shut up; The Man Who Wouldn't Shut Up
Downloads: 83
[audio]Ditka - Dingle Elves - Ditka
After years of ignorance and bliss, Ditka return with their fourth release. Inspired by Xmas and released on Xmas. Written and recorded in a record setting two days, in a smoke filled room somewhere in the anus of Kalamazoo, MI. A gift to all our fan.
Keywords: Bill O'Reilly; George Bush; Sarah Palin; Ditka; Dingle Elves; 2013; XMAS; jesus; Snowden; PRISM; facebook; Mark Zuckerberg; Santaborg; Zucherborg; Faceborg; Krampus; Boston; Obamacare; Rebecca Black; Friday; Ghosts; Metal; Industrial; walmart
Downloads: 38
[audio]The Chopping Block w/Blade and Lee - March 25, 2010 - The Chopping Block
B-Best Show Yet! -Health Care Finally Explained! (Kinda) -Bill O'Reilly vs. Anthony Weiner (D) NY -Special Guest - Dan "Jigsaw" Rombach -"How Stupid Is..." -Blade tries out a new "Phrase of the Week" -11:11 Wish Segment -10 Random Things -New "Hot Topic" Segment
Keywords: the chopping block; blade; lee; how stupid is; 11:11 wish; hot topic; health care reform; health care; 10 random things; phrase of the week; bill o'reilly; o'reilly factor; anthony weiner; best show yet
Downloads: 126
[audio]Unbought and Unbossed #76 July 2, 2008 - Raymond Geisler
Unbought and Unbossed: Canadian Political News and Views Show #76 July 2, 2008 Unbought and Unbossed is an independent voice dedicated to presenting and discussing issues of great social and political importance. In our present post-9/11 Canada, it is more vital than ever to critically examine our collective understanding of contemporary politics and the direction our elected servants are taking us...
Keywords: CHLY; Nanaimo; Canada; Canadian; 9/11; 9/11 Truth; 9/11 Truth movement; police state; false flag; terrorism; Deep Integration; SPP; Love; North American Union; independent; media; peace; Kirkpatrick Sale; David Ray Griffin; Phil Donahue; Bill O'Reilly
Downloads: 47
[movies]GOP Guilt Cloaked in Fake Laughter - Diran Lyons
This video is protected as an instance of ***FAIR USE*** Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 "GOP Guilt Cloaked In Fake Laughter" is a Political Remix Video by Diran Lyons.
Keywords: GOP; Republican Party; John McCain; George Bush; Torture; Iraq; Iran; War; Energy; Oil; Gasoline; Gas; Barack Obama; Ethan Hawke; Denzel Washington; Brad Pitt; Fight Club; Habeas Corpus; Training Day; Ed; Edward Norton; Matt Lauer; laugh; laughter; Funny; Hilarious; Freedom; General S. Patton Jr; death; blood; killing; murder; rising; gas; prices; beating; 9/11 five years later; waterboard; waterboarding; christabelle28; boytoyjesse21; pasatti2004; Rendition; Bill O'Reilly; 2005; inauguration; Fox News; Political Remix Video
Downloads: 74
[audio][November 01 2007] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: There Are Two Types Of Humor... Put Down Humor & The Humor Of Enlightenment, Can Anyone Tell The Difference Anymore? - Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Service
In The News: It's "The Day Of The Dead" so here's some dead to celebrate: 3842 dead soldiers, and we are being constantly reminded by the Pentagon that it is the lowest total for a while. They're celebrating... Myanmar... The monks are marching again, and a U.S. envoy is on the way State Department workers are being "drafted" for service at the new embassy in Baghdad which is under almost daily assault by rocket and mortar fire and they don't want to do their service as sitting ducks...
Keywords: Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary; Cabale News Service; Travus T. Hipp; KPIG; News; Alternative News; Commentary; Philosophy; Satire; Spoken Word; Politics; History; Current Events; U.S. Foreign Policy; U.S. Domestic Policy; Breaking Politics News; Afghanistan; Ahmed Karzai; Air Force; Air War; American Military Occupation; American Occupation; Arrogance; Baghdad; Bill O'Reilly; Black Ops; Body Bags; Body Count; Bong Hits 4 Jesus; Casualty Count; Civilian Casualties; Coalition Forces; Comedy; Coretta Scott King; Counter-Insurgency; Counter-insurgency Operations; Covert Operations; Dead Civilians; Dead Soldiers; Dead U.S. Soldier; Department of Defense; Diplomacy; Disinformation; Endless War; Eternal Damnation; Etiquette; False Flag Operation; Family Values; Federal Law; First Amendment; Five-Point Calvinist; Fred Phelps; Fred Waldron Phelps; Free Fire Zone; Gay; Gay Pride; Gay Soldier; Geneva Conventions; Genocide; George W. Bush; Global Hegemony; Global War on Terror; Godhatesfags; Godhatesfredphelps; GWOT; Hamid Karzai; Hamid Kharzai; Hate Group; Hollywood; Howard Dean; Human Rights; Indiscriminate Bombing; Intelligence Network; International Diplomacy; International Politics; Invasion of Iraq; Japan; Jurisprudence; Karzai; Kathleen Sebelius; Labor; Labor Organizing; Labor Union; Law; Law Enforcement; Mainstream Media; Mass Media; Massacre; Media; Media Concentration; Media Coverage; Media Spin; Middle East; Militarism; Military Funeral; Military Operations; Military Strategy; Military Tactics; Moral Turpitude; Mortar Attack; Myanmar; National Sovereignty; Occupation Army; Operation Phoenix; Patriot Guard; Pentagon; Police Agent; President Bush; Propaganda; Provocateur; Queer; Reality Show; Religious Right; Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act; Right Wing Terrorist; Rocket Attack; Ronald Reagan; Satire; Sarcasm; Sexual Orientation; Sitting Duck; Southern Poverty Law Center; State Department; State Department Workers; Surveillance; The Day Of The Dead; Troop Withdrawal; U.S. Air Force; U.S. Diplomacy; U.S. Embassy Iraq; U.S. Forces in Iraq; U.S. Military; U.S. State Department; Union Membership; Unprovoked Killing; War Pigs; Warmonger; Warmongering; War-mongering; Westboro Baptist; Writers Union
Downloads: 123
[movies]Troop withdrawal resolution fails in Fort Collins, Colorado - Monte Barry
• 21 Oct 2011 - Obama announces total U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq by end of 2011Peace and Reconciliation MovementIn late spring of 2007, concerned citizens in Fort Collins, Colorado were getting fed up with the Iraq War debacle. It was a catastrophe of huge proportions. Many of us found our voices being heard in our local coalition, CJPE - Center for Justice, Peace, and Environment. Many citizens across our country were also speaking out against this unjust war...
Keywords: Monte Barry; progressive peace advocate; swinging for a home run; public comments; peace groups; citizens speaking out; anti-war protests; Persian Gulf; Gulf Wars; Bush's War; Iraq invasion; Iraq War history; Green Zone; Iraq occupation; troop withdrawal resolution; peace movements; Fort Collins; Colorado funeral; war dead; US soldiers killed; US soldiers wounded; US soldiers maimed; civilian deaths; Iraqi refugees; Iraqi dead; war based on lies; American news media; news media propaganda; US news media institutions; US news media; news media objectives; news media brainwashing people; news media pushing USA wars; news media are war hawks; news media are stenographers; news media emulates stenography; typical journalist reporting; embedded reporters; embedded journalists; digital reporting; news media cheer leading for war; news media did not investigate; news not reported; American press is bad journalism; no hard reporting; drumbeating for war; newsrooms; news equipment; newsroom systems; broadcast cameras; camcorders; video switchers; video still stores; chroma key; technical directors; news producers; producing the news; news editors; video editors; ingesting video; automation systems; remote control; remote controlled equipment; digital recorders; RAID arrayed video servers; control rooms; multi camera studios; remote signal gathering; live shots; news helicopters and pilots; TV remote trucks; television operations; TV news vans; photo journalists; news photographers; TV news operations; TV news production; master control; master controllers; IFBs; mix minus; ENG equipment; SNG equipment; DSNG equipment; HDTV equipment; HD equipment; SD equipment; commercial advertisements; spots, breaks, teases, interstitial; media buyers; buying air time; TV ad buys; fiber optics networks, geostationary orbit; geosynchronous orbiting satellites; satellite uplink; satellite downlink; satellite window; satellite feed; back hauling TV signals; microwave shots; microwave bounce shots; STL microwave links; TSL microwave links; transmitters; pathetic news; TV News Broadcasts; news directors lying; suppressing the news; secret news; news secrets; crappy assignment desks; bogus news dispatchers; broken promises; national news media; creating myths; news censors; USA censoring; censorship; News Departments; filthy rotten liars; spinning the truth; news reporters telling lies; phony TV News; Radio news; news anchors; political pundits; lack diversity and range of opinions; Anderson Cooper; Wolf Blitzer; Sean Hannity; Bill O'Reilly; Lou Dobbs; Glenn Beck; Rush Limbaugh; G. Gordon Liddy; talk radio; news broadcasts and network anchors; wall-to-wall mistruths; News falsehoods; incorrect reporting; false fake knowledge; misleading facts; fabricating the news; fabricating the truth; corporate corruption; news channels; television reporting; nonsense; evil corporations; reporting lies; broadcasting lies; broadcast news; corporate airwaves; cable TV networks; bad cable TV service; nightly news; evening newscasts; network news; television news; TV news; Radio news; news programs; reality TV news; bogus web sites; CNN News; CNN International; FOX News; MSNBC News; PBS news hour; CBS News; NBC News; ABC News; Disney; General Electric; GE; Comcast; Clear Channel; Viacom; mass media; media tycoons; media moguls; Rupert Murdoch family; News Corporation; Ted Turner; Turner Broadcasting; Time Warner Cable; Dish Network; Echo Star; Direct TV; Gannett; newspapers spinning the truth; news magazines telling lies; illegimate, dishonest; information super highway; Presidential liars; CIA sent Ambassador Joseph Wilson to investigate; Saddam Hussein was not building nukes; Iraq did not purchase yellowcake uranium powder from Niger; Valerie Plame Wilson's cover was blown; Plame was a classified employee; Valerie Plame was a covert officer for the CIA; no evidence found that Saddam Hussein was involved in September the 11th attacks; President George W Bush lied about war; Vice President Dick Cheney lied; Darth Vader; Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld lied; Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice lied; National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice lied; smoking gun to be in the form of a mushroom cloud was a lie; CIA Director George Tenet lied; US Intelligence; US Surveillance; Secretary of State Colin Powell; United Nations Ambassador John Negroponte; UN Security Council; United Nations; UN presentation; it's a Slam Dunk was a BIG LIE; Iraq WMD program; Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales lied; White House Counsel; Bush Administration; cruel tyrants; tyranny; tyrannical leaders and rulers; oppressive government; war mongers; no WMDs found in Iraq; United Nations weapons inspectors; Iraq Survey Group; UN Chief Weapons Inspector David Kay found no WMDs in Iraq; UN Secretary General; forms United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission; UNSCOM leader; UN Chief Weapons Inspector Hans Blix found no WMDs in Iraq; Chief UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter found no WMDs in Iraq; no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq; no chemical weapons found in Iraq; no biological weapons found in Iraq; no nuclear weapons found in Iraq; Saddam did not attack USA on 9-11; US and British intelligence lied; US and British intelligence fixed the facts; US and British intelligence designed phony case for war in Iraq; the Downing Street memo; the truth about how the Iraq war began; dubya; G W Bush; Bush presidency; Bush's legacy; conspiracy to commit war crimes; infamy, infamous; crimes against humanity; killing people; illegal unjust immoral war; impeachment; Lewis Scooter Libby; David Addington; Paul Wolfowitz; Richard Pearl; United States Department of Justice official John Yoo; Donald Rumsfeld torture memo; John Yoo torture memo; Abu Ghraib torture; prisoner abuse; illegal wiretapping; warrentless wiretaps; spying on US citizens; Homeland Security; spying on peace groups; arresting peace protestors instead of terrorists; beating peaceful protestors; rounding people up; rounding up innocent people; Gitmo; Guantanamo Bay; detention camp; torture chambers; torture sessions; torture methods; torture victims; CIA torture programs; CIA and civilian interrogators; enhanced interrogation techniques; indefinite detentions; disappearing people; suspending habaes corpus; USA Patriot Act; CIA secret prisons; war criminals; war on terror; truthful Iraq war movie documentary; Pentagon budget; War appropriations Bills; US war funding; passed by US Congress; US Senate; US House of Representatives; going to war; US taxpayers wasting billions and trillions of dollars; military contractors; Dick Cheney's Halliburton; Science Applications International Corporation; SAIC Corporation; DynCorp International; Blackwater Worldwide; Xe Services; Erik Prince; Prince planning to move to the United Arab Emirates (UAE); founder and sole owner; secretive owner; world's most infamous mercenary firm; five of Prince's top deputies were indicted; Blackwater hit with a fifteen-count indictment by a US federal grand jury; Blackwater hit with conspiracy, weapons and obstruction of justice charges; Prince's number-two man; former Blackwater president Gary Jackson indicted; former Blackwater vice president William Matthews indicted; former vice president Ana Bundy indicted; Prince's former legal counsel Andrew Howell indicted; private army, armies; Mercanary Army, mercanaries; para-militaries; bombing and killing civilians; Military Industrial Complex; greedy share holders; making huge profits and spilling blood; selling wars; senseless wars; war for oil; bad for America's future; USA infrastucture crumbling and falling apart; the economy is bleeding; not sustainable; bankrupting the USA; reported by; The Nation; investigative journalist and author Jeremy Scahill; investigative journalist and columnist Juan Gonzalez; investigative journalist and syndicated columnist Amy Goodman; Democracy Now news hour; the War and Peace Report; American journalist and public commentator Bill Moyers; NOW with Bill Moyers on PBS; Bill Moyers Journal; served as White House Press Secretary in the United States President Lyndon B. Johnson Administration; we need your help; please help groups that support Net Neutrality; phone, email, or write FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski; Tel: 202-418-1000; julius.genachowski@fcc.gov; Federal Communications Commission; 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554; get out and vote; bring our troops home now; Peace and Reconciliation Movement
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